Who are we?

We are CKMB Properties, and here's our story:

Looking for new opportunities, and loving the city of Lubbock, we stumbled upon buying our first Short-term rental. This home was already furnished, and it a was turnkey Airbnb investment opportunity. Deciding to take a leap of faith, we jumped into the short-term rental business. Many Many Many hours of learning, reading, talking to others, podcasts, conferences, and coaching calls later we watched our first home be booked so often we could hardly ever use it! So, we decided to buy another and another, and another. Until we developed a strong reputation for being the best Short term rental brand in LBK - HomeOntheRangeLBK. 

HomeOnTheRangeLBK was established in 2015 with the opening of Lubbock's first full-home Airbnb, The Peggy Sue and has continued to grow to include The Sawyer, Sawyer Guesthouse, and The Rattler, Good Vibes Only, The Charleston, and Rhythm of Lubbock. In 2018, Airbnb published a report on the most wish-listed listings in Texas' top 50 cities. The Peggy Sue came in as Lubbock's, Texas' 11th most populous city, most wish-listed. 

At HomeOnTheRangeLBK, we want our guests to experience what we love about Lubbock (excluding the blowing dirt): from enjoying a glass of McPherson wine and listening to live music at La Diosa Cellars in the Depot District, to catching a famous west Texas sunset from a stand-up paddleboard at SUPLBK, to wandering the First Friday Art Trail downtown. We hope that once "Lubbock is in your rearview mirror" you can't wait for your next trip back.